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Topic lessons

These lessons are meant to compliment another course, if you're studying a course elsewhere and need extra tuition in a certain subject for example 'The Past Perfect tense' or ''Conditionals' or need help with reading, pronunciation etc, we can cater for you.

Speaking skills/Courses

You can book a speaking skills course with us, in this course we can cover any subject that you would like to cover. Our speaking course mainly covers conversational skills. However you can't learn just to speak without knowing some of the basic structure of the language, like Grammar for example, so grammar, pronunciation and listening will also be covered in this course but will mainly cover speaking. There is no duration for this course as you are unique and have different learning abilities from everyone else, your language level will also play a part in your course time. This course is ideal for people who just need to communicate, i.e in a business environment or a personal environment. This course is also ideal for students who want to sit for TOEIC.

IELTS Courses.

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) which covers most exams in the English Language. i.e A1 - Starter/Beginner to C2 - Proficiency. All courses can be covered, duration also depends on students ability and determination to learn. Some organisations recommend the minimum of 60 hours and some up to 360 hours for a full course. In General, the higher the level the more lessons are needed. In these courses all four aspects of English are taught, reading and writing, speaking and listening.

Specialised Courses

Courses such as 'Business English', 'English for Engineering', 'English for Medicine', 'English for law', etc, can also be covered. These courses are specialised for your certain subject, so a basic to good knowledge of your subject should first be acquired before taking a specialised course.

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