learn English on Skype

Terms of Service.

By paying for any lessons you have agreed to agree with these terms of service.

You must be a minimum age of eighteen (18) to use our service, during any correspondence and or use of Skype or Google+ you agree not to be abusive or rude and will behave in an appropriate manner, if you are not your lessons will be cancelled and NO refund will be given if abusive or rude.

We use electronic means of communication and use software that is provided by third parties, (Skype and Google+, hosting company etc), we are not responsible for their failure if they do fail and if a lesson cannot be carried out due to failure of one or more services by a third party the lessons will be rearranged. If the internet connection goes off due to electric failure or internet failure during a lesson the remaining time will be carried over into another lesson.

Cancellation of lessons by us or yourself must be given at the earliest convenience, if it is too close to the start of the lesson or the lesson should have started and the lesson gets cancelled by you, the client, you may forfeit your lesson, this decision is at our discretion.

These 'Terms of service' can change without notice and it is your responsibility to check them often.